Reading it Begins at Home

It begins in your lap. Yes, your lap or even while still in the womb. Reading to your child before they can read is crucial. Talking to your child/children is even more important. When I say talking to, I actually mean with. Talking about real conversations without interruption.

Something I am often asked, “How did you teach reading in the classroom?” I will tell you this, it begins at home. It doesn't begin at school. More importantly, it's not flashcards and tears. It's a love of language and exposure. Children will begin reading at different ages, but the exposure to words before they are ready to read is what makes their reading journey come alive.

I remember walking down the grocery store aisle rhyming with my then 1 year old. I was reading my list and rhyming with it...One lady asked, "Isn't she too young?" My response, no. They're never too young. Language is powerful. My most cherished moments are when my newborn was nursing while I sang or read my favorite childhood books to her. Books and songs she heard while in the womb.

Back to learning to read at school. More often than not I would hear, "I thought this is what they learned in Kindergarten and first grade." Partially true (that was part of my job), but the journey, just like everything else learned, must begin from day one, day one being in the womb. You lay the foundation and a strong foundation makes all the difference.

I will continue to share more, but for now, talk about what you see, write your grocery list with your child while talking about the letters. Read to your child and if you can't read (don't be ashamed) get books on tape from the library and learn with your little one. Point out signs as your driving and words on food boxes or packages and things your child sees daily. This is called environmental print. Environmental print along with the actual shape of a word is stored deeply in the brain. More to come! For now, go grab a book and readā¤

Share how you foster a love of reading in home?!?


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