42 Years WHAT IFS and GROWTH

42 Years WHAT IFS and GROWTH
If I could share one thing I have learned in what is now 42 years it would be the following

ACTUALLY-BEFORE I share, can I just say I really have more than one thing, but this shift in my life took a lot of self reflection, prayer and focus and has brought the most amazing growth, lessons and so much more. 

You can live your life in fear of the "what ifs" 
you can live

I spent so many years stuck in my head. A mindset that held me back in so many ways. I did the "must dos and important things." I bought a home, invested, put into retirement, got married, went to college, received a masters... You know all the things that "set you up for your future." A future that I watched many lose-before they were able to reap what they had sown. Then my miracle baby was born and I slowly began to look inwards and wondered-What truly matters to me? I realized that being home with my daughter was my number one. Not just home with her though, but home and present. I did not want to be home with a mind far away, worried about money or the "WHAT IFS." So I took a leap into the unknown and began my journey of not letting the WHAT IF run my life.    

And while I still believe in investing, retirement accounts and preparing for the future, I BELIEVE EVEN MORE IN LIVING FOR THE NOW.

Do I have living for the now down to a T?-oh goodness no. Actually I spend every morning praying, meditating and focusing on being present in the now, because guess what- it's super easy to be pulled into the what if. It is super easy to let the to do lists and the constant pull to achieve and do more creep in.

It is VERY easy to replace JOY with anxiety, restlessness and uncertainty until we realize that the negative energy does nothing more than steal our time and energy and more importantly it takes the moments we truly desire. The moments we are more often than not working so hard to have time for...  

What if we stop doing and just BE? What happens when we jump out of the race and find the pace that suits us? 

What happens when we opt out of the steps to success (defined by the world) and build a life we love with those we love-while serving from the heart? 

I will share a little of what happens
1. You find yourself 
2. You are a magnetic to abundance
3. The doors meant for you-OPEN! 

A few ways you can move through "WHAT IFS"

1. Write down any negative thoughts or worry-welcome them and breathe through what you feel. Take a minute to think about the worst scenario and then release it.
2. Add to a list of what is most important to your daily life and make sure you do those things first
3. Serve others from the heart without expectations. Can I share something? This past couple years I have worked with families raising Highly Sensitive Children while also helping families set up their homeschool/unschool dreams. What did I charge-I asked that families pay what they could and I trusted the process. It was incredibly rewarding in more ways than one and allowed me to continue to invest, add to my retirement and help those that could not afford support. 
4. Take care of your mindset. Avoid social media if it leaves you comparing, wanting more, staying up all night or...Also if you are mindlessly scrolling-guess what-it is not mindless. Your nervous system is absorbing everything and more often than not-it is a BAD thing. 

I will stop here for now, but wanted to share a few of my thoughts for 42 years here. So much more to learn and so many more years of growth. Thank you for being here and being a part of my journey.