Motherhood in this Season
We are moving into a season of rest for many. A season where the earth provides and asks us to slow down. Unfortunately for many this is also a season of hustle. A season of holiday after holiday. A season where winter forces many areas to snuggle up and rest, yet the world screams keep up~do more, buy more.  

I want to encourage you to take time to slow down this season. 

1. Make a list of everything you feel pulled to do (buy gifts,  make costumes, prepare a feast, clean, cook....)

2. Now look at your list and divide it into what brings you joy and what makes you feel overwhelmed. In this season do the things that bring you joy. 

3. Let go of anything that makes you feel overwhelmed or think about how you can do things differently in order to enjoy this season. For example-instead of buying gifts for everyone on your list-get online and send a gift card. Avoid going into the stores where the fear of missing out tugs at us. 

4. Say no to anything that isn't necessary, doesn't serve you or your family.  It's ok to be selfish sometimes. 

5. Find time to breathe. Can you go to bed earlier or wake earlier? Can you rest while your child or children rest? What small shifts can you make to give yourself time to breathe.  Guess what-we all have time,  it's just a matter of rearranging out priorities. 

6. Ask for help- I'll admit this is the hardest one for me, but it's so important.  I like to just get things done and sometimes asking for help feels like another to do~you know,  explaining the ins and outs to someone so they can take over...What I have found is that my husband is very good at certain things so I let him do those things,  even though I may do them quicker or....When we let go of our need to control,  we give ourselves room to breathe. 

Remember we create our reality in so many ways. We can shift our mindset and our day when we remember that it's in our hands. 

Tell me, how are you slowing down in this season? 

I always love hearing from you! 



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