Sensory Input Store Bought Edition

Sensory Input Store Bought Edition
If you've been here awhile,  you know I'm all about nature and simple household items being used for the sensory input we seek, but I am often asked if I have any suggestions for things that can be bought,  specifically for road trips and for the days at home where you need something different.  

Below you'll find some road trip "toys" as well as some of my other favorites! Hope this is helpful.  If 

One of my favorites! 

While the above are all tried and tested in my classroom, on road trips or at home, remember that one of the best inputs we can receive is connection with one another and the earth! If you can, get outside,  barefoot every single day, and see what shifts. 

*Yes these are affliate links, I'll make a tiny percentage if you use my link.  If you have affliate links you share,  please let me know and I'll support you. 

Hugs to you!