Our Worth and the Hustle

I talk to  many women that feel their worth is wrapped up in likes and shares in the social media space. Their worth hidden in the number of followers they gather. I get it, I have fallen into this trap myself. The truth is your worth comes from within. It comes from a healed inner child. 

I wanted to share part of my journey on social media, an aha moment for me, when I realized that I was doing things for others and not myself. It began two years ago when I felt the pull to show up on social media in a way that received attention-attention my inner child craved. The inner child I thought I had worked on healing,  but the tug to be welcomed in the IG world was a force to be reckoned with. I felt I had to share in a certain way and buy presets and be logged in 24/7 and...

After a conversation with a friend,  I realized that I wasn't in the space for likes and to prove my worth, I was there to inspire, to share my journey and to connect with others. I also knew the joy I initially felt was being replaced with overwhelm. 

I want encourage you to think about your reasons for sharing on social media, are you seeking approval from others, do you leave feeling drained when a post doesn't do well or does your heart feel content with the one or two people you inspired? 

Are you working beyond to be included, to grow? In this season of hustle, I encourage you to listen to your heart. If you feel overwhelmed, drained, sad... You are seeking acceptance from the outside and you'll never find what you need. Lean into the things that refill your heart and soul and be present on social media when it feels right and doesn't pull you from what truly matters.  

If You've lost your joy and you're feeling the hustle start to creep in, I encourage you to take a step back and listen to what truly matters to you.  If you're on social media as a way to provide for your family and feel the only way is to hustle~let's talk, I promise it's not. You're gifts, your talents, your dreams,  can be monetized without hustle, without a huge following! 

We are only guaranteed today, let's not forget to be present where it matters most.