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Embarking on the sourdough journey can often feel daunting, with the constant battle of managing discard and maintaining the perfect starter. Does it really need to be this way? Nope and that is why I'm sharing a more manageable and efficient process. 

Truth be told, the sourdough process is deeply personal and varies with the rhythm of nature and individual environments. Understanding the unique behavior of your starter, including its reactions to different climates and seasons, and knowing the feel of properly kneaded dough, are crucial skills that recipes cannot teach. 

With that said I hope a few of the tips I'm sharing will help you on your sourdough journey.
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Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

Time to reshare my gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe. These cookies are chewy, flavorful, and have a good texture, without any strange aftertaste. 

You don't have to be gluten free to fall in love with these cookies. 


Sourdough Bagel Recipe

Sourdough Bagel Recipe
Hello Everyone! Sourdough bagels, you'll definitely want to make them. In today's blog post, I'm sharing my recipe and tips for making sourdough bagels. I can't emphasizes enough, the importance of adjusting the rise time and instructions based on the altitude and climate you are in. Another key to all things in the kitchen-using your senses to guide you while baking and taking note of how things feel. Hope you enjoy! 

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess
Why don't we just make less of a mess? Because messes are something I once prayed for. I prayed for sticky fingerprints in my windows and crumb trails down the hall. I prayed for my child for years.

Follow the Child & Educational Resources

Follow the Child & Educational Resources
Photo-Part of Raising Up Wild Things Garden Nature Journal 

Years in the classroom as a teacher, shifted everything I once believed about learning. In fact, it forced me to step back into my childhood to see how I was learning well before I stepped foot into a classroom. It helped me see that I didn't need to lead the way in my classroom,  I needed to observe my students and allow them to show me the way. 

Learning is happening all the time 

Our children begin learning in the womb and one of the most powerful things we can do is speak to our child/children before they are born. Same goes for after they are born-speak to them, read to them, connect, pay attention to what makes their eyes light up and dive in. 

Follow the child

Unfortunately, child led learning is often replaced with the pressure to keep up and one very common concern-"How do I know if my child is behind? 

First I want to ask this-Behind what? 

Truth is every child is behind someone and every child is ahead of someone. So let's drop the comparison and worry.  Let's start focusing on OUR child/children and support them where they are at- whether they are well ahead, right on track or "behind." 

One of the best things we can do is drop the pressure to perform for a test or milestone. Sure, milestones have their place, but everyone should be able to reach them differently and at different times. 

Let's trust our children to bloom when they are ready.  And more often than not,  let's follow the child instead of leading the child. 

When we give our children the opportunity to lean into what they love, the learning is lifelong instead of test passing long. The knowledge stays when a child is interested and the quest to know more is constant. 

With that said, I often get asked what we use for a curriculum. We don't follow a curriculum,  we follow our child and use some wonderful resources to support her. 

If you are looking for some great resources I'm including some of our favorites! 

First up-
Raising Up Wild Things is having a sale on the best of the best when it comes to nature journals! The illustrations are hand drawn by Natalie and her heart is poured into everything she does. To top it off she is having a sale! 

Raising Up Wild Things see code below

For 30% off  use code STAYWILD. The sale is for four days only, beginning Wednesday, 7/20, through Saturday, 7/23 at Midnight (Pacific Time). 

Here are a few of my other favorites. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions about any of the resources.  I'm even happy to share a sneak peak! 

I have several other resources,  please reach out if you need help. I love helping families find the perfect fit for their child/children.  

Enjoy the rest of the summer and remember to breathe-play and rest is also learning. 

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