Thoughts on Homeschooling

Thoughts on Homeschooling
Motherhood.  Parenthood. Decisions. 

The other day a friend messaged me-

"Am I making the wrong decision? Homeschool won't ruin my child,  will it?" 

My response came from 3 hearts. 
1. The heart of a homeschooled/shared school child
2. Former teacher with a MA if that matters...
3. Mama that has chosen homeschool as part of our journey 

Before I start I want to say this- homeschooling is not an option for everyone and your child will not be ruined by public education if their home foundation is solid. And on the flipside for many children,  public education is the only solid foundation they have. If your option is public education- do not fall into negative thoughts. Instead be an advocate. Be in the know. Read the information that comes home from school. Be involved. If you need a little guide, you can go to my freebies/resources and grab my "Home to school" guide. 
The opportunity to have our children at home is an amazing gift. 

One of the hardest things for me to watch is how we are a society that pushes our most important humans to be ready for the world, before they are ready. Sleep independently, potty train before ready, become comfortable in the hands of strangers...all before the brain is developmentally ready. 

The above is part of what makes an independent child, right? I believe otherwise. 

But what happens when we have the gift of time? The opportunity to let our children slowly emerge from their chrysalis,  stretch their wings and become themselves in their time? Or perhaps stay a caterpillar as long as they need...

Could this be done at school-it sure could and I could spend hours talking school reform...but I digress because you don't want to get me on that soapbox...

So is homeschooling a mistake? Will you ruin your child? 

If you are called to homeschool/unschool/roadschool... and 
1. You are mentally willing and ready 
2. You see value in life as learning 
3. You trust your child and yourself to learn together 
4. You can let go of the pressures from the outside world

Then it's not a mistake. Will you make mistakes-oh my word, yes! Guess what, educated teachers make mistakes,  too! Will you fail at times-yep. Will you have days you want to stay in bed-probably, but those are the days you take homeschool (or whatever you want to call it) and lean into what you love. Perhaps it's baking, hiking or, art, gardening,  skateboarding,...YOU GO DO IT WITH YOUR CHILD and you remind yourself that these moments are part of learning as well. 

The only homeschool fails I have seen
1. technology replaces hands on learning.. I'm not talking about moments of technology,  I'm talking about hours of screen time. 
2. A rhythm is not followed and it is a complete free for all. You don't have to follow a strict schedule, but some consistency, predictably and routine help everyone
3. Home educators believe that children in school are smarter or learning more than their child
4. Home educators try to turn homeschooling into public education 
5. Expectations and growth are not based on their child, but based on other children 
6. The person homeschooling isn't ready to learn more than their child or learn with their child

Seems like a huge list but in reality it comes down to this-are you willing to grow beside your child and let go of the outside noise? 

I wish everyone that wanted to homeschool their children,  could. I wish I could share that my life forever changed when my mom made the decision to keep me home. I wish I could help you see that the memories you will make with your child, are priceless.  And the moments you feel that your child is doing nothing more than life are the moments you and your child are soaring. I wish I could tell you that this time together will be forever cherished. 

I want your heart to know that the baking together,  conversations, time to bloom, tears and laughter will take your child beyond what you believe. That you are not making a mistake. YOU ARE leaning into your intuition and answering the call to go against the grain in order to serve your family. 

You've got this and if you don't I've got you.  Reach out if you need an ear, resources,  curriculum recommendations or...

For those going the public school route next year,  I'm also here to help you advocate! 

Remember the best decision is the one that you allow to feel right for you and your family. If you want to homeschool but can't make it work-take the moments you are at home and make the most of them! 

Hugs ,