Finding our calm and pressure points

Link is below for the pressure 
point guide!

Have you ever felt a surge of emotions as your child is struggling to regulate their own emotions? Or perhaps you are "stuck" in a state of overwhelm? Guess what? You're not alone! If you're raising an emapth you're not only working to support emotional regulation for your child, but you're also supporting all the energy they pull from the world, while trying to stay present and calm yourself. It's not an easy thing to juggle. Too it off with lack of sleep or...and well we can all use some regulation strategies. 

Finding our calm is incredibly important when raising any child, but even more important when you're raising a child that literally feels your emotions.  It's true-empaths physically feel your emotions and pain. 

Through the years I have collected multiple strategies to help me regulate, so that I can be fully available for my daughter. Do I fumble-yes! I sure do. 

Sharing one of my favorites in this guide-be on the lookout for more.  

Sidenote-this work has a lot to do with me also being aware of my inner child. If you feel easily triggered and can't seem to move forward to find your calm, look into inner child work-it is incredibly eye opening and healing.  My friend Heather at is phenomenal for this work. 




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