My journey to wellness began with wanting a child. I wanted to heal my body, I had a desire to know better and do better. That desire was the launching pad for years of reading, research and connections. And I am still learning! Stepping outside of the Western world of medicine and finding ways to heal over masking symptoms was life changing. The body is powerful and when it needs a boost there are several things we use daily and some we use as a boost, when needed. I share about it all below. While there is a place for Western medicine, my journey has shown me that there is healing beyond what we are often offered. 

Before I jump into what we do, I want to touch on what we haven't done/don’t do/haven’t needed to do. We don’t reduce fevers or use antibiotics. Yes, my daughter has had fevers (no febrile seizure issues), she has been sick, but we decided early on to support her with a holistic approach and allow her immune system and gut to build up naturally. When she was unwell she nursed, was held skin to skin, we bathed together to bring her temp down and allowed the body to do its job. What we tend to see in today’s world is a surge of antibiotics and then from there food allergies,  attention issues, behavior issues, constant sickness and a vicious cycle…I just want you to think about that. Our gut health plays a huge role in all of this. 

Eating well-whole foods, vegetables, fruits and lots of water is part of our journey and definitely something that supports our wellness. When we feel off we avoid all dairy and processed sugar as it wreaks havoc on the bodies ability to heal. Before I became pregnant, we started going to the chiropractor and haven't stopped.  When the body is not aligned it struggles to do the job it was made to do! Our home- we have a low toxin home (don't believe you can be 100 percent toxin free) we use one plant based cleaner for our entire home and do our best to be aware of what we put in, on and near our body/bodies. All these changes weren't made overnight, so while it may feel overwhelming,  remember the goal and remember it's step by step. 

Let ’s talk gut health. Gut health is all the rage right now, but honestly it's always been important,  just not as out in the spotlight as it is now. So many companies working to advertise their product as the best and one to have. If our soils weren't so depleted and if we all had access to rich and diverse foods, things would be very different.  Taking a probiotic every night (even when we feel great) supports the immune system in multiple ways and yes, at night as that is when your body repairs itself. Did you know 70% of the cells that make up your immune system are housed in your gut wall? That means we need to keep them healthy! So many things can breakdown our gut microbiome-the most common antibiotics! Doctors should be prescribing probiotics with every antibiotic, but…So without overloading you with information here is the probiotic my family uses. 

Get Outside 

Sunshine, mud, dirt, dirty hands and feet, water. Being outdoors as much as you can. The soil is alive and rich (even when depleted). Stepping outside for most, is healing and hello Vitamin D! We don't use Vitamin D year round,  but do use it for a boost, as needed. I buy mine from a small local shop, it's organic olive oil and Vit D, that’s all. 

I often get asked about the amount of time we spend in the sun and what I use to protect our body so as a side note we only use mineral based sunscreen with a non nano zinc! So important to not block the negative with harsh chemicals that are known to cause cancer and be endocrine disruptors.  

Get outside and get dirty! 


Essential oils, homeopathics remedies passed down. All the things your great grandmother or maybe your mom shared with you. The things that seem far fetched,  but often worked. My heart has always been drawn to these things. We use essential oils daily to stay well, to support our body when we feel unwell and for everything under the sun. When my daughter had an emergency surgery at 2 we used traumeel and arnica to support the pain. Coughs, congestion, you name it, we have used an alternative for it. If you have a desire to support instead of suppress the body there are answers out there. Mainstream will have you believe otherwise,  but I promise you there is support.  


Oh sleep. Something that comes and goes in phases especially as a new mama. Sleep is crucial to healing,  but when you don't feel good it's hard to rest. Again, we use oils, sleepy tea, tart cherry juice (natural melatonin)and we read and relax. We avoid things that stimulate the body. This is hard with little one. So we do are best, but sleep is key to a strong immune system. 

Favorite sleep oils-Roman Chamomile, Calm, Sleepyize, Frankincense,  Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Valerian, Rutavala. 

The oils can be diffused, dilluted and applied or even sprayed on linens. So many ways to use them. 

Often we miss our sleep window! You may need to be in bed earlier than you think or want. 

Vitamin C

Most know the power of Vitamin  C. The below comes from whole fruit to ensure you get the full botanical synergy! We take Super C as needed to support our bodies. The added camu camu contains powerful antioxidants that may fight inflammation and rose hips which also contain antioxidants that are anti-inflamitory and protect the immune system especially during times of stress. This is exactly what the body needs when it working hard to heal.

Detox Baths

How I make mine.

Magnesium Flakes 1 Cup-Our body needs magnesium and sometimes we don’t absorb what we need via supplements.  The skin does a great job of absorbing this mineral that is used in regulating over 300 enzymes and reactions in the body. 

Epsom Salts 1 cup-detoxifying properties, soothes the skin, reduces inflammation, helps you relax…

Himalayan Sea Salt 1/2 cup-another detoxifier that leaves you feeling refreshed and nourished.  

Bentonite clay 2 TBS-has sponge like properties and works to draw out impurities, leaves the skin soft

Charcoal Powder 2TBS-detox powerhouse! can leave a black ring and stain, just an FYI! 

Essential oils-we love to use Frankincense, lavender, Egyptian Gold, Rose. So many great options. Make sure to add the oils to the epsom salts then pour into tub. This will help the oil so that it doesn't sit on the surface of the water. 

It's best to add all this to a warm bath not hot. Soak for at least 20 minutes and then allow your body to rest for at least an hour afterwards.  

Wellness Roller 

We use this daily. You dilute according to age. I use a 10ml roller bottle and top with coconut oil, but you can use any carrier oil. 

20 drops Frankincense 

15 to 20 Drops Thieves 

10 Drops Lemon

I like to add some Oregano,  too! 


We have a diffuser in every room. We use them daily. The decision to rid our home of candles, air freshener and all the synthetic smell good things happened years before my daughter.  These things are hard on our body and do impact our bodies ability to heal. So instead we diffuse. The house smells wonderful and we are supporting our bodies. 

Our current favorites:

1.Thieves, lemon, frankincense

2. Cinnamon Bark, frankincense, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Lavender, Cedarwood and Vetiver

3. Eucalyptus Blue, Orange, Idaho Blue Spruce 

4. Basil, lemon, cinnamon 

All the woodsy oils to support our respiratory system and wellness! 

Herbs with antiviral properties! 

Check out these herbs if you're needing an extra boost. Oregano, cinnamon, basil, clove, peppermint,  sage, rosemary,  garlic. Look up each one to see just how powerful they are. Add them to your cooking or…

Inner Defense 

Our go to whenever we have been exposed to those that aren't feeling well or if we feel off. This stuff is a powerhouse with Oregon,  thyme, lemongrass,  clove, lemon, eucalyptus,  rosemary ans cinnamon bark. We take it at night so our body has extra support to do its job. We also have Oscillococcinum on hand to take during the day as needed (it's a homeopathic remedy that can be bought at stores). 

Ningxia Red

A powerhouse of antioxidants and nutrients. A whole body supplement that the whole family will benefit from. 

Elderberry Syrup! 

Elderberries have been shown to support the immune system and help the body heal faster. Elderberries naturally contain vitamins A, B, and C and stimulate the immune system. You can make it at home (my recipe at Destinationmommy on IG or buy it at the store. Just look for a syrup without a bunch of added junk! 

Remember our thoughts are powerful. Stress, anxiety,  worry, they all deplete our body in a negative way. Raising our vibration and remembering all that we have to be thankful supports our wellness journey,  too! Wash those hands and remember that your body is powerful! It was made to support you,  take care of it. 

*I am not a doctor.  I am not here to treat, cure or claim anything.  This is just what we do to stay well. 


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