5:1 and Connection

Research shows that for every negative interaction we need five positive interactions. These positive interactions don't need to be extravagant, in fact, the simpler the better so that they can become part of your daily routine. 

The thing is-the positive needs to happen as close to the negative as possible. So how do you come up with positive interactions when you're already emotionally exhausted. 

You don't have to! I have done the work for you and if you're reading this I have sent a sample set of my 5:1 cards for you to print and use as needed. The whole set will be available, soon! 

You can grab the cards when you need some quick ideas for reconnecting with your child. 

The key- you do these together,  completely uninterrupted. You don't take pictures of this time. Your phone is away and you are present. 

Do I need to do five different ones,  no! Pick one and engage. Be mindful of your time with your child and pour in everything you have for that 10 minutes or more, if possible.

Make this a habit and you'll see a huge shift in your home.

You're not alone

P.S. If you want harmony in your home, I'm here to help. Below are a few ways I can help you restore the balance in your home. 

1. Mentoring- I'll take a look from the outside,  spend time talking to you about your goals, create a plan and work with you to bring balance into your home. Let's Chat
2. Follow along @raisingempathywithme where I share how I navigate raising an empath as an empath.  


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