Alright,  not my normal post,  but so many of you have asked what I'm doing and if I have a mentor. 

I no longer stand in my way. If you aren't moving forward with your dreams you may be standing in your way.  Perhaps you don't believe you're worthy or perhaps you're just not sure how to get started.  I want to invite you to join me at 7 figures from home with Martha Krejci, it's a free FB group that's filled with gold. My amazing mentor Martha Krejci is a gift and knows what she is doing inside and out and she shares from her heart.

When I became stagnant in my business, I knew I was standing in my own way and needed to make a change. I also knew I was called to do more. So I dove into an aroma freedom session with my friend Heather and shifted my Bat Signal (don't know what a bat signal is-Martha will teach you) after the AFT Aroma Freedom Technique session with Heather, I immediately felt connected and aligned. Unfortunately shortly after I felt pulled to what seemed like a completely different Bat Signal. So back to another session with Heather,  where she took what felt like a tangled web and showed me the beauty of how everything I was dreaming and walking through, worked together. These things have been the foundation in moving forward.  I have learned to trust the process and not try to see the end.  

Sometimes what we are called to do doesn't make sense in the moment because we can't see the bigger picture. If we just trust and walk through it and let go of the idea that we are in control,  we will be led to our calling.

I have chosen to step out of my way,  to be vulnerable and pay attention to the nudges. I am forever thankful for the women above as they have been my foundation.  

Don't stand in your way. Everything you need is here and within you.  

If you'd like to connect with Heather you can find her on FB at Heather Schroeder Harbaugh. Let her know I sent you.  

If you check out Martha's free group above and decide you want to dive into her paid group,  use link below.  I have a a code for you to lower the price. But trust me it's worth every penny. You'll receive everything you need from how to run a website,  to marketing,  to writing a book.... it's endless. It's a one stop business shop.  


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